Health Prediction of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic

The main objectives of this Health Prediction of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic report are to perform fault analysis on an induction motor using both experiments and simulation, and to study failure identification techniques applied for condition monitoring of the motor and finally to design an On-line condition monitoring system with fuzzy logic controller using Lab View. This report was divided into two phases. The phase one was concerned with the modeling of three-phase induction motor in three phase reference frame using and designing an intelligent system for condition monitoring of the motors. The phase two concerned with the implementation of On-line condition monitoring system through Lab View.

3-phase induction motor has a central role to play in the industry, and there is a strong demand for their reliable and safe operation. They are generally reliable, but not wear out eventually. Faults and failures of the asynchronous motor can lead to excessive downtimes and generate large losses in terms of maintenance and lost profits. Induction motors are critical components in many industrial processes. Therefore, online monitoring of induction motors is becoming increasingly important. The biggest difficulty with this task is the lack of a precise analytical model to a faulty motor with different types of errors, as described winding fault. To model shorted stator turns, the model that one of the two strands in series, only the healthy part and the part was closed. This work presents a reliable method for the detection of stator winding faults based on monitoring the stator current amplitudes. With this method, fuzzy logic is used to make decisions about the engine condition. The fuzzy system can identify stator condition with high accuracy.


This application allows fast failure state estimation. The more detailed investigation to point out the difficult conditions of the machine under different stator fault conditions of induction motor can be performed. This is a highly versatile technology for condition monitoring and fault analysis of motors. It solves the shutdown Problems and ensures safe working environment in continuous process industry.

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