Project Report On High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS)

This Project Report On High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) report presents an overview of the existing high altitude platform (HAP) systems, and analyzes their application on different network types, such as two way (hybrid) communication networks, intelligent transportation systems, environmental monitoring, etc. Since HAPs have specific inherent advantages, their use can be widespread in future applications and networks. This paper focuses on the technological issues that are related to HAP systems and the possible ways through which they can be interconnected to other networks (terrestrial or satellite).

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) is the name of a technology for providing wireless narrowband and broadband telecommunication services as well as broadcasting services with either airships or aircrafts. The HAPS are operating at altitudes between 3 to 22 km. HAPS shall be able to cover a service area of up to 1’000 km diameter, depending on the minimum elevation angle accepted from the user’s location. The platforms may be airplanes or airships (essentially balloons) and may be manned or un-manned with autonomous operation coupled with remote control from the ground. HAPS mean a solar-powered and unmanned airplane or airship, capable of long endurance on-station possibly several years. For future telecommunications operators such a platform could provide blanket coverage from day one with the added advantage of not being limited to a single service. Where little or unreliable infrastructure exists, traffic could be switched through air via the HAPS platform. Technically, the concept offers a solution to the propagation and rollout problems of terrestrial infrastructure and capacity and cost problems of satellite networks.

Project Report On High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) Conclusion:

The channel model with three states, allows a better representation than the model with only two states. In the case of three states, the conditions could be severe, and the use a code modulation is recommended. This model could be used to modulate systems with more than three states and to simulate some different operational conditions.

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