Project Report on Tribological and Mechanical properties of Metal Bearings

 The science and technology of daily routine and practices includes technology of friction control, lubrication, and wear prevention of surfaces with relative motion. There are two important elements described in this project. They are friction and wear. It enhances the service life of machine components. 

The copper conducts high electricity and thermal. The friction and wear are increased with the addition of tin-Tin Bronze. Tin Bronze has Corrosive condition with high loads and temperature. 

 The aluminum alloy is utilized which includes the issue of corrosion. The wear resistance of Si and Al is more than Al alloys. It posses castability, weldability, and thermal conductivity. 

 Lean and tin based alloy include the anti friction property. It creates casting and spray deposition. It possess intermetallic phase with non seizure and better wear resistance. The apparatus utilized in the Project. 

HARTIP 3000 is hand-held digital metal including great speed and broad measuring range. It is controlled simply with hardness of metals like large structure and assembled elements. Tungsten Carbide test is released into air with spring force with respect to the test surface. The magnet is present in the impact body. 


The PowerPoint on Tribological and Mechanical properties of Metal Bearings  describes zinc based alloys with copper deficiency. The tribological and mechanical properties are increased by heat treatment, including Mn,Si,and Cu. It includes low cost, good physical and mechanical properties with wear resistance. 

Download Project Report on Tribological and Mechanical properties of Metal Bearings.

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