Power Management System in BPCL

Relays are utilized for the power system protection and various types of relays have electromechanical, static and numeric relays and numerical relay has an important role in an automated system. This project is based on substation automation which is named as Power Management System.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) gives utility operator to control and monitor processes which are distributed among many remote sites. SCADA systems have hardware and software components whereas the hardware collects and gives data to a computer on which SCADA software has installed. When conditions become hazardous, SCADA gives warning by sounding alarms.

Power Management System in BPCL is a system to present all network data to an operator to have a safe and reliable operation and control the entire network from a Central Control room by many plant overviews. BPCL – KR already has three substations with the help of SCADA system and this project is about this existing system which is extended to other substations.

When two or more conductors operate with potential difference come in contact, then fault occurs and caused by sudden equipment failure, accidental damage, short circuit to overhead lines, or simulation failure. The faults occur in a j lower system such as t)ver Current, Lnder Voltage, Unbalance, Reversed Power, and Surges.

Advantages of PMS are Centralized controlling of power system, Fault analysis efficient, Integration and standardization of relays, and Control and monitoring possible. A Human-Machine Interface or HMI is the apparatus to present process information to a human operator by which the human operator is able to control the process.


A power system such as BPCL needs a system to present networks data to have safe and reliable operation to control the entire network from a central control room by many plant overviews. SCADA system application is extended to many fields of engineering and technology for supervision, control and automation.

Download Power Management System in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited EEE Project Report.

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