FPGA Based Mp3 Player ECE Seminar Topics For Students

This FPGA Based Mp3 Player ECE Seminar Topics For Students is focused to build a FPGA-based MPEG Layer III (MP3) system that implements the MP3 decoding algorithm with the help of VHDL and C language on the Embedded Development Kit (EDK) software platform. The system includes MP3 Decoder External Peripherals, User Interface, Compact Flash Memory Card, and Onboard Stereo Audio Codec.

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device is a digital design which is evolving rapidly. The entire embedded system is built and programmed into a single FPGA chip for the purpose of digital signal processing applications. The optimized density and capacity of this device implemented an entire embedded system on a single chip.

The aim of this project is to design an MPEG Layer III (MP3) player with the help of “Altera” FPGA board. The system reads an MP3 file from a compact flash memory, decode the MP3 bit stream into 16-bit pulse code modulated (PCM) outputs by a standard MP3 decoding algorithm and finally play through a speaker.

Hardware language like Verilog HDL is utilized to drive external peripherals and stereo Audio codec as well. The Audio codec converts the digital PCM outputs into an analog sound wave. The Embedded Development Kit platform integrates the software and hardware designs. Within the last few years, a major range of the global bandwidth is used for transferring layer-III compressed audio data or mp3 files.

With Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Digital design has been rapidly evolving field. For digital signal processing applications, a complete embedded system built and programmed into a single FPGA chip.


This project focuses on a FPGA-based MP3 decoder which is implemented on the Altera development board. It reads MP3 files from a compact flash memory device then decode and play into a stereo audio codec. Various controls like song selection, pause, and stop modes are included.

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