Fire Extinguisher Robot Engineering ECE Seminar Report

Fire Extinguisher Robot Engineering ECE Seminar Report: A robot consists of a mechanical device like wheeled platform, arm, or other construction, interaction with its environment, Sensors to sense the environment, Systems to process sensory input and to perform actions.

Robotics is highly specialized one-of-kind planetary rovers in the space industry. It is a highly automated manufacturing plant. A planetary rover should have sensory input, a way of interpreting the input, and a way of changing its actions to respond.

The functions of robotics relieve us from danger and tedium. Safety, Robotics are developed to handle radioactive chemicals and nuclear for different uses like nuclear weapons, power plants, environmental cleanup, and the processing of certain drugs. Unpleasantness, Robots do various tasks which are tedious and unpleasant like welding or janitorial work.

A Robot is re-programmable and multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices with different programmed motions for variety of the performance. Robots have wide range of applications from manufacturing to the handling of hazardous materials. Wireless robotics is an evolving field of application that uses different technology and the concept of embedded processor to wireless communication is used.

The Wireless Robotic Fire Extinguisher robot is an application that uses embedded microcontroller. This embedded technology has compact size and reliable operation. The microcontroller used in this project is AT89C51. The design of wireless fire extinguisher robot has four sections.  They are Input section, Transmitter Section, Receiver section, and Output section.

Fire Extinguisher Robot Engineering ECE Seminar Report Engineering ECE Seminar Report Conclusion:

The robotic designed here has six degree of freedom so its entire spherical area radius is given by R1 + R2 = R. The design has an access point that is at a place in a sphere of maximum radius R and the value of R can be varied between zero to R i.e. 0<R<(R1+R2). The moving arm in the vertical plane is controlled by a Geared PMDC motor and the movement is continuous and smooth in the vertical plane.

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