Image Enhancement using Frequency Domain Filtering

This is a Image Enhancement using Frequency Domain Filtering PowerPoint presentation about Image Enhancement which is the method of forming an image more pleasable than the original image. Noise introduced into the image, out-of focus, atmospheric conditions, and latency of imaging hardware are the needs of image enhancement.

Frequency Domain Filtering falls under two categories. They are smoothing filters and sharpening filters. The smoothing filter is divided into three sub filters namely ideal low pass, butterworth low pass, and Gaussian low pass. The sharpening filter also has three filters namely ideal low pass, butterworth low pass, and Gaussian low pass.

Gaussian low pass, character recognition in machine perception to join the broken character segments with a Gaussian low pass filter with D0=80. The shape of cells is clearly visible with the help of Gaussian high pass filtering. If an operation is performed directly on the pixels of an image then it is called Spatial Domain Filtering. The operation performed on the input image with a suitable transfer function then a required output Image is formed.

Spatial domain filtering through High Boost filter is a generalization of Unsharp Masking and Unsharp Masking is a sharp image which is generated from blurred image. High Boost filtering is expressed in by multiplying f(x, y) by a constant A. Hence High-boost filtering provides flexibility to increase image to the enhanced image.

The applications of this technique are used in Medical imaging, Satellite imaging, Material testing in industries, Fingerprint identification, and Printing and publishing industry.

Advantages are it is simple and easy to implement and it provides flexibility in the design of filtering solutions. Disadvantages are that noise is not eliminated completely and a person should have knowledge in various fields to improve an application using image processing.

 Image Enhancement using Frequency Domain Filtering Conclusion:

Therefore, image enhancement technique develops the features of an image depending on the requirements of the applications in frequency domain.

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