Java Audio MP3 player Project


The objective of the project is to design an audio MP3 player that can be suitable for different level of users. The goals of the application are to: Provide a platform to play audio (MP3) files, Support play lists and Provide play list management.

Existing System:-

The present systems are platform dependent and these plug-in services are not suitable for all types of applications and devices. Often, these systems have difficulties in managing the files and play lists.

Proposed System:-

This mp3 player has inbuilt ID3 tag editor. The benefits of the system are: It is a fast standalone mp3 player; Facility to save play-list files; ID3 tag editor to edit mp3 metadata. The system can be easily integrated into other applications and devices. The system supports features which are platform independent.


The system is proposed to have the following modules or forms:

Main interface (Control panel), Playlist manager and ID3 Tag Editor

Main interface :-

Main interface implements all the basic commands for playback control like play, pause, stop, previous, next and volume control. It provides facilities to open previously saved play lists, show play list manager.

It provides the following functionalities:

Open Play List, Show Play list, play, pause, stop, previous, next,
Song info palette, volume control and exit

Playlist Manager:-

This interface has a menu and a dynamically expandable table in scroll pane. The menu bar in this interface has following commands:

File, New, Save, Save as, Exit, Edit, Add file(s), Add folder, Edit Tags,

Remove File

It has a table which shows list of files that are currently in play list.
Following metadata about mp3 files are shown in this table
Serial Number, Track number, Track Title, Album, Artist, Time

ID3 Tag Editor:-

Id3 tags are meant for metadata about the songs. It saves entered data in mp3 file itself, so that when those files are opened with other media players like winamp or windows media player, then these Id3 tags will be present there.

Software Requirements:-

• Programming Language : Java
• Java Technology : Swings
• Java Version : JDK
• Operating System : Windows XP/LINUX

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