Fun and Food Android Project

Existing System:

Currently there are no proper managed system which can give all the information’s easily at one place, if a person wants to know about the current event happening around him, then he have to use a pc to search related information and there are no proper website exists which provides all the information at the same place, then if he gets the event location even though he have to suffer a lot to reach that place, in the stadium after taking the seat if the person wants to eat something or order something he need to go to the food court nearby him and place an order and wait till they served , while the mean time he will miss lots of content of the show. This is what the existing unmanaged system look like.

Proposed System:

The Fun and Food application can manage all those things in a very good and efficient way, The application is very powerful and efficient that it can locate user’s position and track all the nearby events currently available, if user selects any event the app will automatically provide rout map for the location and direct him on the go, once the person get to his seat, he will get all the information about nearby food courts available nearby him and according to the user’s selection food courts menu will be displayed then the user can place his order, and within a few minutes the order will be served and the bill will be charged after serving the order.

The proposed system makes all the unmanaged and irritating conditions of the existing system very interesting and very easy.


  • UI designing
  • Authentication
  • Server connection
  • End Response
  • GPS tracker

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  1. Hi!

    Can u please tell me how to go about developing this project? I really want to learn how to do this kind of an app.

  2. can I have the source code of this application, I shall be very thankful to u cz it’ll help me a lot in my project

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