Mini Project on Online Car Pooling System


The online carpooling system is a web-based application is to provide us with a simple riding platform between the car owner and car user. This project enables users to access mobility assets own by others exactly when they need. It shows a medium for available cars to pick up them on the interest of car owner with time and capacity.


Personal ride booking and sharing services allow customers to arrange transportation quickly.
Ride booking Apps typically use a smartphone, GPS technology to match a customer’s location with the nearest available car.
In this online carpooling system, the customer receives an estimated pickup time, a description of the arriving vehicle, and an image of the driver. At the destination, the user can pay automatically.

Existing System

The online carpooling system is an emerging criterion that provides comfortable and consistent rides for both the user and the car owner using this application within the city can be somewhat difficult.

Proposed System

The online carpooling system connects car owners to people in their vicinity who needs a vehicle.
A platform as a link between supply and demand is provided creating a new mobility service.
The ride fare is fixed by the car owner within the range of kilometers traveled and will even take care of all administrative issues.


Car – owner:
To connect with server owner must give their username and password then only they can able to connect the server.

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Car owner login with id
  • Step3: Searching for the server
  • Step4: Connect to the server
  • Step5: viewing the admin details
  • Step6: Conformed the ride
  • Step7: Stop

Owner accepting nearby user, the owner is going to get the request from the user considering his starting point.

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Admin login with username and password
  • Step3: We need to register by giving all the details
  • Step4: Start the ride
  • Step5: User searching for this ride related post
  • Step6: Selecting the ride
  • Step7: Viewing user details and ride details
  • Step8: Stop

After getting the registration request to the admin, he personally verifies whether the user or the car owner is genuine or not .if genuine then there request is accepted.

  • Step 1: Start
  • Step 2: Admin will make a post of his ride
  • Step 3: User login with username and password
  • Step 4: User needs to register the details
  • Step 5: Viewing user details
  • Step 6: Admin accepts the user details
  • Step 7: If the admin does not accept the requesting user needs to choose another driver
  • Step 8: Stop

UML Diagrams:

ER Diagram:

Data Flow Diagram:

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  1. The file is not opening in netbeans… It is showing unrecognized file, missing plugin..
    How to open it please do tell..

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