Fitness Manager Android Application

The project we have undertaken named “Fitness Manager”. It is android application that is handy and easy to use for any user having this application. We found that before us, there was no application available in the market which can create the diet-plan for user. So we decided to take it as a challenge.

Any user having android mobile or any other android device can use this application and can utilize its numerous features.

This project delivers source code and user manual. Also when it suppose to be installed in a device, the necessary instructions can be referred from the user manual.

Fitness manager Android project

The time duration to develop this project is 4 months and resources needed were laptops- to develop application in and android mobile device which is used to deploy this application on.

Project Goals

The following are project goals.

Project Goal                    Priority Comment/Description/Reference
Functional Goals: 1
To develop a diet plan According to the user type, the diet plan will be generated
To generate daily report Also to keep user notifying about his diet, a daily report is generated.
 Technological Goals: 2
To analyze user This helps in creating the diet plan for the user.
Quality Goals: 3
Application is handy Most android device contains all hardware and software requirements for this application.
Smart and attractive` interfaces This makes feel user a friendly application and ease to use.
Constraints: 4
Environmental No environmental changes affect the result of the application.
National standards National standards for measuring height and weight are used.

 Schedule of the Project

Milestones Description
M0 Start Project
Project goals and scope defined, Requirement gathering
M1 Start Designing
Interfaces are designed
M2 Start Coding
The core logic of the system was developed.
M3 Testing the Application
Different test cases are designed to test application for any bug.
M4 Deployment of the Application
Application is deployed in device to test its result
M5 Documentation and User Manual Development
Documentation for future developers and user manual for user  is designed.

Project Definition:

            This is a mobile application for people who are concern with their health issues. Not only general people but also with some problem like obese, thinness, diabetic person etc, Can use this application.

Preliminary Investigation:

At this stage we had to perceive the problem and opportunities. We went to a health care center Prevention Health Care to review the existing system. We had to find out initially what the activities they are performing are, how they analyze user and how diet plans are created for particular person. we found out that, such proposed system would be possible to make within given scope and it might be a feasible solution for the users.

Selecting the project development strategy:

As we had developed android application, we had to follow object-oriented strategy for system development. As android is java based development tool which is pure object-oriented language.

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