Virtual Desktop Project in Java Abstract

This is the Virtual Desktop Project in Java which facilitates learning electronically. This virtual Desktop Environment project is developed with aim to provide learning electronically. This Project is developed for the electronic learning for Training Institutions. This project makes use of cheap communication media Internet. The one of the advantage of using this project is it makes use of Internet. This product can use for On-line Trainings and On-line Seminars. It makes the institutions to provide quality of education to the door steps. It avoids unnecessary infrastructure and unnecessary time. It makes Trainers available 24/7 if required. This incorporates the global people under one umbrella; they can share the knowledge by sitting at their desktops. 

Features of Virtual Desktop Environment: 

The Virtual Desktop Environment is a virtual e-learning environment. The software is positioned as a full-featured, web collaboration and training environment that has the capability to be used in training .The service is available worldwide.

Video capability of VDE allows you to show live views of instructor (if they have web cams). You can turn the video on and off as desired. You can have up to two video cameras showing in a single interaction. 

Main Modules of virtual desktop project:

Client (Student) Module:  In this application client is student who can access trainer by online using this module. Student can hear trainer voice and view desktop screen. 

Admin Module: Admin will act as mediator between student and trainer. Student and trainer registration details can be accessed by admini. 

Trainer Module:  Using this module trainer can communicate with student and share desktop screen and have voice communication.

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