Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager Android Application

Project Title: ‘Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager’

Project Technology: Android

Scopes of Project:

  • It allows user to define which calls from the contacts/numbers to be blocked, allows editing and deleting blocked contact list.
  • User can synchronize the contact list from phone.
  • Application allows the User to define Schedule in terms of date & time in a day of week.
  • It allows User to select criteria for blocking incoming calls in four ways:

1)   Block all incoming calls

2)   Block incoming calls from only blocked numbers

3)   Block incoming calls from Unknown numbers

4)   Block incoming calls from blocked numbers and Unknown numbers

  • It silent the incoming call if it falls in defined criteria.
  • Then it sends one SMS (Text Message) to the caller with the text predefined by the user.
  • By saving configuration user can anytime start or stop whole ‘Do Not Disturb’ service using a single button click. 

Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager

Tools and Technologies:


  • Android

Front End Tools:

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Eclipse provided Android – Device Emulator
  •   Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Back End Tools:

  • Db4o Database Engine

(It is a database engine open source object-oriented, its acronym is Data Broil 4 (for) Objects. It is developed to work with developments in Java and .Net. Db4o runs on any operating system that supports these languages.) 


Project Definition 

It is an application for mobile phones using the operating  system  Android  whose  function is to automatically mute  calls to contacts has previously been defined as blocked in a time  frame,  both  times  as  daily.  Once  the call  has  been ended,  Do Not Disturb leave the phone in normal mode both volume and vibration.  It also provides added functionality such as send warning messages indicating that you are sleeping (or busy).

Preliminary Investigation 

The idea about the project is got from the requirement for not to be disturbed by a call from others at some specific time. The application is for android phone, so the development to be done using android technology. In order to block (mute) the incoming call, we have to get the number and check that whether it falls in Blocking criteria, if it is then change the Phone state to silent (if it is General) and on ending the call change state to General and send auto reply. 

Selecting the project development Strategy 

Since the technology used is android for this application and android uses java as base language for programs I have selected the Object Oriented System Development (OOSD) as the development strategy. Again the entities involved in this application can be considered as Objects and we can also store those Objects in the database. So I have used the Database Engine db4o.  

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