Corporate Messenger – Always Connected, Stay Connected

Present Challenges:

A number of organizations spend millions of dollars every year just on getting the right kind of communication tool which would help their employees in interacting within the organization in a more professional and disciplined manner.

The type of communication can also depend on factors like:

  • How complex organizational structure change over time.
  • How employees are affected by these changes.
  • How an organization responds to different types of leadership.

Communicate with your colleagues in a very comfortable environment.

An Instant Messenger is an application that enables communication across the Internet. It is a great tool if you want a quick dialogue, an immediate response, an answer to your problem, etc.

It makes people feel the sense of real time connectivity that it creates between two persons on the Internet regardless of where they are geographically located.

Enjoy all the features of universal messengers with a flavor of modern wireless communication via sms.

Key Features:

Internet and intranet messaging – Whether its on the LAN or on the Internet, the employees can chat with colleagues within or outside the organization.

Login facility – A login facility has been provided to ensure complete authentication of a user.

Profile and Away Messages – This helps a person to know about the status of another.

Add, delete, modify contact list – A contact can be easily added, deleted or edited and can be placed into a certain group depending on branch, department, etc.

Search facility – Search for a particular member On the basis of certain criteria.

Smiley – A user can not only use smileys but also upload customized smileys.

Offline messaging – Measures have been taken In cases where employees can chat within the organization in offline mode.

Help – A complete help manual has been provided so that the users can be self sufficient and no major training would need to be given to the employees
on the functionality of the solution.


Total messaging solution:

No matter where you are chat with your colleagues at a time of your convenience. Because of the wireless capability you can also chat through sms with colleagues if on the move.

Save costs on Internet usage and bandwidth:

Cost has always been a
major issue for many organizations. The greatest advantage of a messenger is no matter where an employee is situated there is no communication gap and since our solution can be used even on the intranet the organization saves on the bandwidth and excess usage of the internet.

Secure messaging in a contained Environment:

A total secure environment has also been provided where even secure information can be transacted between employees. An employee can block another if he/she doesn’t want particular information to be available to a certain person during a conference.

Save unnecessary phone calls:

Why make unnecessary phone calls and spend minutes or hours on the phone when you can do much more easily and cost effectively using the messenger.

Technologies Used :

Basic Java, Networking in Java, Swings, Any operating system.

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