Bulk Messaging – Advertise the Mobile Way

The most common mediums of customer retention today are television, radio, newspapers, banners, hoardings, etc.

Promotions through newspapers are effective, and are more cost effective than television commercials.

The disadvantage of newspaper promotions is that many people flick past advertisements of any kind when reading  a  paper,  which  is  different from a TV based campaign, as viewers cannot do the same.

Another medium is radio, which is restricted to a specific group of listeners and is very frequent especially by the younger generation.

Internet banners have the advantage of capturing the attention of the viewers who visit the website. But since many websites have multiples of banner advertisements, it could be difficult to catch attention of the viewer.

The main disadvantage of all these promotional medias is the cost. Though the reach is quite huge, the strike rate is very low.

Retain your customers anytime, anywhere.

Get a hold of your customers the most cost effective and trendy way. The complete solution to communicate instantly, efficiently and cost effectively with individuals or groups and also getting their feedbacks.

Whether its promotions, events, offers, feedback and interactivity or creating any type of awareness, solve all your challenges by using SMS a fast, simple and also highly effective information media.

As per a recent survey: “In 2002, 366 billion messages were exchanged world over, which included 5 billion from India”.

Today SMS is being used as a marketing tool, besides being a feedback or interactivity tool. Stop wasting your time, effort and money on other advertising media, focus on your core business activities and let all the tedious processes of promoting your brand and retaining your customers be managed by.

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