Marketing Operations Marketing Analysis of an Manufacturing Marketing Organization Project Report

The Software developed for the automatic management of the Marketing Operations and Analysis for the Manufacturing and the Marketing Organization. 

The Software deals with the necessity of an organization that handles the marketing of the different products. There are many companies which make the high competition between them to remain in the market with the superb performance every time.

The data has to be handled effectively to make the proper market evaluation and decisions to take for the continuous growth of the organization.

The performance of the particular product in an area, and state can be estimated each time to enhance the market and revenue improvement. 

The Software is made for the Marketing process and the analysis. The system allows systematically to all employees to access the system from anywhere in the world. To make ease to get information to the marketing personals who are in the tour.

The information is now made available to the Team Leader and the Team Members to discuss the information. As the information can be accessed from any part of the world that enhances the productivity and growth of the company as well. 

The Software is developed on the basis of the stages and levels of the operations and the marketing strategies of the companies. The different operations at different levels are following.

  1. Stage I : The marketing manager has to take the decision on the price tag of the particular product in an area and orders the sales representatives of the sales targets in the specific region.
  2. Stage II : The Regional managers get this information and targets for the sales. They make it available to the Field representatives. The final price of the product has been decided by the consultation of the Regional managers in all areas.
  3. Stage III : The field representatives elaborates the price of products to the Dealers and information about the targets to them in the areas.
  4. The Field representative possesses the knowledge of the changing market, so the feedback is easy and evaluation of the market can be done.  

Download  Marketing Operations Marketing Analysis of an Manufacturing Marketing Organization Project Report.

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