A Comparison of Toyota and Honda Hybrid Vehicle Marketing Strategies

Ann Rodriguez and Chris Page (2004), stated that Toyota and Honda are competing themselves with high standards in the Indian automobile market. Even though there are many other competitors in the marketplace Toyota and Honda, Tata and Maruthi are the major competitors in Indian auto industry.

Toyota and Honda are offering very classic vehicles to the customers over the World. This article explained the comparison of sales of hybrid vehicles of Toyota and Honda Companies. This article even explained the differences between marketing processes of these two companies. The significant information on current status and future opportunities of these two automobile companies is explained clearly. Especially the competitor analysis on marketing process of Toyota and Honda are explained clearly in this article.

Finally this article concludes that every company has its own identity and importance among the customers and the market. The products, services and sales vary from company to company but the major goal of every company is to satisfy the customers and get competitive advantages among the competitors.

Future work is required in order to explain the actual competitive standards of these companies in automobile market. This article is related to some companies of automobile industry and for this particular reason it is considered for the research process. 

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