Marketing plan to expand services in a private hospital and to be the provider of choice in the region

Marketing plan to expand services in a private hospital and to be the provider of choice in the region.-Analytical Business report Format-5000 words excluding references.

The assignment is to construct an initial marketing plan, in the capacity of a newly created role of a marketing manager in a private healthcare organisation. The marketing manager reports to the director responsible for organisational strategy, who herself has been recently appointed from a private healthcare provider.

The plan will review the current situation for the organisation, with special regard for the provider role the organisation plays and then specify the services that will be included in the scope of the marketing plan for submission to the board. The organisation has current deficit and you have been tasked to generate additional income for the organisation, meanwhile other parts of the organisation are managing to cost cutting exercises.

Your challenge is to produce an initial marketing plan for a range of services you have defined.

It should include:

1. Executive summary
2. Background
2.1. Summary of preconditions and assumptions.
2.2 Defined objectives
2.3 Defined budget
2.4 Past performance against plan
2.5 Resource allocation cascade
3. Analysis
3.1. Corporate vision, corporate strategy
3.2. Internal market research
3.3. SWOT analysis
3.4. External market research
3.4.1. Demography
3.4.2 Target market and target customer
3.4.3 Customer segmentation
3.4.4. Reasons for diversion of referrals to other providers
3.4.5. External market competition
3.4.6. Risk analysis for the option of NOT introducing promotion to the expansion of services
3.5. Analytical Tools
3.5.1. STEEPLE
3.5.2. Analysis using Boston matrix (Boston consulting group)
3.6. Growth Strategy
3.7. Resource allocation cascade for the marketing
3.8. Performance analysis
3.9. Forecasting
3.10. Return On Investments
3.11. Risks
3.12. Contingencies
4. Marketing strategy
4.1. Major programmes
4.2. Measures of success
5. Conclusions-marketing execution / call to action.
6. References

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