Enhancement of GPREC Application

Introduction: Today many students are developing innovative apps. Here we are going to develop an mobile application which is similar to our present GPREC APP and we are going to enhance that present app by using the android technology. This mobile app will be very useful for each and every student and faculty in colleges.

1)Front End Development Tools :-

  1. Platform:-Android.
  2. Programming Language:-Java

2)Back End Development Tools:-

  1. Platform:-SQlite/MySQL.

About an GPREC Application:

GPREC Application is completely focused on students and college details.In the front page we are going to provide the link which shows the College Updates. On the main page there are four links:





In the About Us section contains the information about our college history . This contains the information about each and every branch faculty . In the Students Login gives the information about student profile which contains their Academic performance and their attendance .The Academic Performance will be updated for every internals and externals.In the Studies link by clicking on this link  we get all branches links.Each branch link contains their academic text books according to their academic year and also previous examination papers.In the Further Studies we are going to develop this  link by including the future plans of the students.

They are

1) Campus Recruitment


3) MBA

It provides the previous question papers and materials for GATE and MBA.practice papers, test papers and  Tutorials on each topic related to Mock Interviews.

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