Online Compiler Java Project


In the present scenario everything works online. This projects main objective is to provide an application for the educational institute where the faculty can post the questions and students can view and attempt the question any number of times by using compilers.
By using this application, Organization can conduct online practical examination.
Without the use of internet facility users can use this application.


1) The  project main aim is  we can easily write programs, compile and debug it using respective programming language online.
2) Students can mainly concentrate on the programming than the compiler tools.
3) This application can be made offline .

Existing System:
1) Users can find many online compilers used by private, public organizations and institutions
2) Few online compilers are C, C++, Java, .NET.

Proposed System:

1) The main objective  is to provide an application for the educational institute without the use of the internet.
2) Organizations conduct  online practical examinations.
3) Students can use this application to practice.
4) Some offline compilers that can be used in institutions, colleges are C, C++, java.

Software Requirements:

Operating system     :     Windows XP/7/8.
Coding Language     :    JAVA/J2EE
Tool                 :    Net beans 7.2.1
Database             :    MYSQL
Server Deployment  :     Tomcat  6.0/7.0


1) This application reduces the storage space and time.
2) Students can use this application to practice.
3) This application is user friendly.

RS Pressman-Software Engineering

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