ECE Projects for Final Year on Zigbee Network Based Heart Monitoring System for Premature Babies

Introduction to  Zigbee Network Based Heart Monitoring System for Premature Babies:

Introduction to zigbee monitoring system:

This paper elaborates the working model of heart monitoring system for premature babies using zigbee network. Zigbee uses the ieee 802.15.4 standard by extending its capability to provide  reliable and safe communication in any kind of environment. It operates at 868/915 mhz in dual physical modes with a operating frequency of 2.5 ghz. The data transfer rate varies for different frequency ranges. It has a address space of 16 bit and can be extended up to 64 bit.

Working model:

For monitoring the heart beat and blood pressure of the premature babies an automated device is designed using zigbee protocol. The zigbee communication is used for transfer for data in the short range for the babies  placed in incubators. A receiver unit placed in the incubators makes the changes accordingly to the given signal. The PC is provided with the information of heart beat and oxygen level operating conditions of the premature babies and it makes the changes accordingly. The data is transmitted using a zigbee module. RS232 cable use for transfer of data serially  in between the system and zigbee module. The central monitoring unit is provided for controlling the transfer of signals in between the zigbee module and the receiver units placed in the incubators.

Advantages and Applications:

The zigbee technology is a cost effective device and provides the facility to be remodeled in the network. Zigbee can operate effectively in harsh RF environment. It is an effective device for short range communication. It is a low power consumption device and can last for years together when provided with a battery source. Zigbee communication can used for designing home automation systems. Thus we can conclude that zigbee technology can work effectively in short range communications.

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