Project Report On Gas Plant

This Project Report On Gas Plant named as Gas Plant has been presented by National Thermal Power Corporation (N.T.P.C). The report starts with the introduction and complete description of N.T.P.C.  The project includes a development of the gas field, and constructions of the natural gas pipeline and a gas processing plant.  National Capital Power Station (NCPS) Or NTPC Dadri ,is the power project to meet the power demand of National capital region. It has a huge coal fired thermal power plant and a gas fired plant and has a small township located in Uttar Pradesh, India for its employees

As per the layout of the gas plant, the plant layout has been prepared in keeping with the plot configuration, area contours, requirement of the plant water system and power evacuation route. In this plant unlike coal as in the thermal plant gas is used as the fuel. Sometimes gas and HSD mixture is also used as the fuel for igniting the gas as the fuel pressured with high temperature is used the ambient air is first filtered and is then brought to the compressors where the temp and pressure of the air rises.

The maintenance of this plant is carried out as per the maintenance management system of NTPC. This system aims at maximizing the availability of generating units while ensuring minimum maintenance cost, safety of plant and personnel.

The report is also discussed about the pollution control measures, which includes, water pollution, air pollution and pollution monitoring. An environmental laboratory is established at site for regular monitoring of pollution parameters. A full fledge meteorological station has been setup in the   site to record meteorological parameters. The monitoring is conducted as per the requirement of pollution control board.

Project Report On Gas Plant Conclusion:

NTPC Dadri is a unique power plant of NTPC group which has both thermal plant and gas plant of 840 MW and 817 MW respectively. With this project will give a way to learn complete details about NTPC and gas plant.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Gas Plant.

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