Electrical Presentation PPT on Construction And Use Of Broadband Transformers

Introduction to Construction And Use Of Broadband Transformers Seminar Topic:

Privacy infringement long with security issues can reflected as a serious problem for many applications of RFID systems which is also known as radio frequency identification. Most of these problems occurred because of the lack of user control between the readers and the RFID tags. If the user is given the RFID link can eradicate the problems of security. A smart card system can obstruct the unauthorized payment of the credit card or unwanted identification theft which can be released by a simple integration of the electrical touch switch with a 14443 smart card.

When the users touch the switch the smart card will get activated. The capacitor impedance changes with a finger touch of the user. In the application of public transport, e-passports, admission cards and circuit cards the radio frequency identification system is used. The deployment of this system exacerbates the need to get the most ideal method of obstructing the unwanted disclosure of details that is stored in the chip of RFID.

There is no mechanism of the smart cards for obstructing a third party from inserting a reader within the zone of interrogation of the card system to steal information that are stored in the card. Hardware designs and authenticated protocol systems have been recently proposed by experts for the purpose of security.  Hash-locks, tree-walking, re-encryption are some of the cryptographic hardware that has been present. Faraday cage is the other type of security measure. The hardware used in the RFID can be changed by the shield tags.

A smart card system is investigated by us and it can be controlled by the users with a simple touch of fingers. It also comes with integrated switches that helps in providing high level security and protection of privacy. The simple manufacturing process helps in meeting the needs of additional processes in the stage of mass production.

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