Hacking A New Perspective PPT Presentation

Introduction to Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation:

In Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation we discuss about hacking and understanding hacking objectives, also the techniques which are involved in hacking and also the dangers caused to our computer system.

 Hacker is a word which has two meanings i.e. a hacker is one who likes to play with software or systems and also eager for discovering the new ways to work electronically. Sniffer is defined as a program which is capable of capturing the information over the network of the computers. The type of the sniffer includes the commercial and also the underground. 

Many security credentials are not critical by themselves. But exploiting several credentials at the same time can cause damage to the system. Phisher is defined as the webpages which are developed for hacking purposes. They look similar to that of the authorized web pages. And once the user enters the details, these details are forwarded to the hacker. 

When we are dealing with the operating system like windows xp, it is required to even deal with the security and also the loopholes related with it. In this paper we have discussed the ways the hacking is performed. This knowledge helps us for maintaining the system for all applications in any fields. The hacking of windows locally can be done using the registry. In this paper we have also discussed about the precautions taken to control this and at the same time overcoming the faults are also dealt.

 In this paper we have discussed about hacking the techniques which are involved in the process of hacking and also its loopholes, along with the dangers caused to our computer system. 

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