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Asynchronous Transfer Mode is also known as asynchronous transfer mode and it runs at very high speed and low cost. It helps in transmission technology for video, audio, television and voice. It also delivers high transmission capacity at different speed. It provides the delivery speed of 155 Mbps to even 622 Mbps. It can handle both variable bit and constant bit data.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Asynchronous Transfer Mode PPT Presentation

The key to success of this procedure is the switching of cell which is a very efficient and advanced system than the traditional techniques of multiplexing. This is corrected oriented and offer simple network. It is used for the applications of the users that need  high bandwidth and increased transfer speed for data.

ATM Technology:

ATM technology is used by the broadband integrated services digital network that has a high rate of data and services. A larger bandwidth is provided by the ATM and high speed for the rate of data transfer along with quality services. All information is transmitted in fixed size packets known as cells.

The cell switching method is chosen as it is very flexible and can handle traffic at the constant rate and variable rate easily. Again, it is easier to perform digital switching at high speeds in comparison to the traditional technique of multiplexing especially for the use of fiber optics. Lastly, broadcasting is very important for the television distribution. The cell switching method can offer this but it is not possible by the circuit switching.

There are two kinds of ATM connections:

virtual paths that can be identified by the path identifiers and the virtual channels that can be identified only by the combination of a VCI and VPI. Usually a virtual path is a virtual channel bundle where all transparently switches across the network of the ATM on the common VPI basis. This is very useful and efficient system in comparison to the traditional technique.

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