Personal Wireless Broadband Services PPT Presentation

Wireless Broad Band Services provides a more bandwidth for the transmission of data in contrast to the standard service of the telephone. ISDN, xDSL, B-ISDN and ATM are some of the involved technologies. The quality of service depends on a number of factors like integrity, privacy, security, cost and integration.

Wireless Broadband Services
Wireless Broadband Services PPT

History of wireless broadband services:

The presence of a phone network that is totally inefficient.

Using pure analog systems that are prone to noise and breakdown.

Data transmission over a long distance was very irritating.

Conversion of internal connection to the packet based and digital switching system, the telephone system gradually started. ISDN is an integrated digital network where the same switches and digital paths are used to incorporate various services like data and telephony. Data, permits voice, text, music, graphics, video and other material sources of transmission over the telephone wires that are already existing.


Smooth migration

Support multiplexed

Carry voice, images, data and videos.

Tariffs that are related to costs



Competitive functions separation

Leased services

Advantages of ISDN are as follows:

It provides high quality sound and database

It allows several devices to share a single line

Simultaneous data and voice transmission

Digital calls over the telephone connection free from the background noises

Advanced features like call waiting, call hold, and caller ID are also available.

It also has some of the drawbacks like:

Cost of wiring

Limited availability is more costly that the analog service

More costly service charges

DSL is also called digital subscriber line and it is often jot down as Xdsl. the X stands for S, I, A, V, RA and H. Megabits capacity is available in hundreds. Cable modems make use of coaxial cable that helps in providing various channels. Simplicity is the only drawback of this system ad they works only in a single downstream direction.

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