Grounding Penitrating Radar ECE Project Documentation

Grounding Penitrating Radar ECE Project Documentation uses a technique which is non destructive in nature and is used for examination of subsurface structures. This is done by transmitting low power radio signals into the earth’s surface and then timing the reflected waves. Demining techniques that are in use now employ metal detectors. However the use of GPR (Ground penetrating radar) makes it easy for the determination of plastic as well as metallic content.

grounding-penitrating-radar-ece-project-documentation The GPR’s operation is based on determining the dielectric content of soils. It can be used in places where radio waves can be broadcasted.  Unlike biological sensors, GPR has no limits. It’s gives out highly accurate results and hence can be used for small targets as well.

To begin explaining Grounding Penitrating Radar ECE Project Documentation let’s start with the pulse generator which produces 0.8 mono cycle pulses. Thus the magnitude of field radiation of a system is equivalent to that of a monopulse of same magnitude. The important part of the GPR is the antenna system having a transmitter as well as a receiver, satisfying the project requirements. The pulse extender is for amplification of the ground signal to the level required by the A/D converter

The A/D converter digitalizes the analog signals for further processing and passing it into the display. The processor in the next step filters the signal which shows whether surrogate mine is present or absent in the soil. Finally, the visual display which points out the exact location of the landmine.


Impulse GPR system is used for detection of both anti-tank as well as anti-personal mines. (Anti-tank mines are targeted at destroying vehicles whereas anti-personal mines aim at destroying people).  However in the real world, very little technological application is there. The good news however shows the active involvement of the US army in developing the existing technologies while starting new technologies. In the current scenario, progress is being made by testing and building mine lanes.

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