Download ECE Total Project Geographical Database And Global Positioning System

Download ECE Total Project Geographical Database And Global Positioning System. Geographic databases are the database which store geographic information that simply translates into maps and geographical distances. This sort of information assumes significance for the military as well as while driving vehicles. The geographical data is stored in satellites and can be accessed immediately whenever a user wants the information.

       The global positioning system (GPS) consists of 24 satellites which circulate around the earth in fixed orbits. Every satellite has an operating atomic clock and gives a timed signal that is basically a code specifying its location. Consumers on earth receive these signals on a microprocessor which decodes the signal into geographical position.

In this project  Geographical Database And Global Positioning System, GPS receivers combine a radio and a navigation computer that receive faint, low power signals radiated by satellites. The computer computes the distance between receiver and computer from the signals. Also position and velocity values can be calculated.

The number of satellites discernible by the receiver vary from time and location every satellite transmits certain quantity of distinct spectrum codes but only one cods Coarse Acquisition (C/A) code is easily obtained for users. The best GPS receiver measures this code up to nanosecond precision.


GPS was initially designed for military uses. However it has been provided to civilians but with limited uses. As technology progresses, it also possesses a risk as it poses a threat to national security as terrorists and smugglers may misuse this information. The military has however ensured that only few accurate signals are for general access. The highly accurate signals are however only at the discretion of military sources. The future of this technology promises unlimited potential as it can be locate locations within a span of nanoseconds as well as created detailed maps for navigation purposes.

Download ECE Total Project on Geographical Database And Global Positioning System.

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