MBA Finance & HR Project Titles

MBA Finance Titles:

  • Liquidity Management in Bank
  • Mutual Funds Strategy in Bank
  • Credit Analysis in Banks
  • Derivatives in Bank
  • Inventory Control Management in Any Industry
  • A Detailed Study on Non Performing Assets of India
  • Vehicle Finance In Bank
  • Credit Appraisal System In Bank
  • Marketing Services In Finance
  • Cash Management In Bank
  • Financial Statement Analysis In Any Org
  • Credit & Debit Card Analysis In Any Bank
  • Capital Market Analysis
  • Accounts Receivables & Payables In Any Org
  • Online Trading
  • Venture Capital Analysis
  • Security Analysis 

MBA HR Topics:

  • The Role of IT in Human Resource Development
  • Difference in Techniques of Human Resource in Developed Countries and Underdeveloped Countries
  • Time Management: How Can It Increase The Revenue Of An Organization?
  • In House Recruitment: Its Pros And Cons Defined.
  • The Do’s And Don’ts of Disciplinary Actions
  • How over Emphasized on Achieving Goals Actually Hinder in Attaining That Goal
  • Is HRM the Pursuit of Attitudinal Shaping?

6 Replies to “MBA Finance & HR Project Titles”

  1. Sir,

    Now i doing MBA in OM can you provide and advice me a good project?Cost controlling and material management


  2. I’m doing my internship in hr field but now i wanted to do my specialisation in finance so can you suggest me any topic in hr which relates to the finance field..
    Currently i’m doing my internship @ NITS GLOBAL which is providing training in networking and software field.

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