Virtual Keyboard Using IR Technique ECE Project Report

Introduction to Virtual Keyboard Using IR Technique Project:

Now days the technology is growing very much the actual processor are becoming old one. This can be seen in keyboard earlier keyboard uses hard keys but now a day’s soft keys keyboard are there, they are dust proof. Here we will see about virtual keyboard.

Virtual keyboard is a frame that is filled with air the user simply had to press akey in the air and the related word is automatically pressed.Virtual keyboard uses infrared technology which has higher wavelength than visible light.This type of rays is used in military and civilian purpose. In military they are used to acquire the target in night vision and in civilian for wireless communication, in weather forecasting and for temperature sensing. This is also used in space to detect the objects in space.

Projection keyboard: – They are the virtual key board not the real one. In this the keyboard keeps the track of the finger and process the information according to the keystroke.

Canseta keyboard: – It is type of keyboard that projects the Image of the keyboard on the plane surface and keeps the track of finger to take the input by using sensors.

Roll up keyboard: -This type of keyboard is useful at time of traveling because they can be roll into a small piece. They are dust free and moisture proof.

Wireless infrared keyboard: -This is wireless keyboard that are built in track ball and use scrolling button for browsing.

Components: – It uses IR LED which is very cheapest to control any device. It can control al videos and audio devices.This is solid light rays. infrared rays is in-visible to human eyes because of its shorter wavelength than visible light but a videos camera can see this rays. This type of rays is easy to manufacture.

Download  Virtual Keyboard Using IR Technique ECE Project Report.

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