New Technologies Used In the Maintenance Of Underground Cables ECE Project Report

Introduction to New Technologies Used In the Maintenance Of Underground Cables Project:

Power system is divided into three parts. They are generation, transmission and distribution. Power is transmitted through overhead lines. The major power losses occur in transmitting the power from one place to another place while transmitting the power through overhead lines. Impedance and ohmic losses are the main reasons for the power loss. Growing demand of power is increasing the need of electricity. Security and flexibility is required in transmission and distribution of power in order to give efficient power in cases of unfavorable environmental conditions also.

With use of underground cables we can overcome the transmission losses like and ohmic losses upto some extent in comparison with the overhead transmission lines. With this new technology of underground cabling had the characteristics of low impedance and ohmic loss increase power transmission capacity. For long distance high power transmission high voltage underground lining is effective.

Underground lining is preferred mainly in highly populated areas, difficult planning areas and where land is not available, water ways. Unique benefits of underground cables are low transmission losses, can handle emergency power load, low maintenance cost, no electric field is emitted, less susceptible and have many advantages.

But the main disadvantage of underground cables is more expensive installation required than overhead lines. Because of this reason underground cables are restricted to the areas of densely populated and water ways areas. Other than this disadvantage we can prefer the underground cables than overhead transmission lines.

This project explains the advantages and disadvantages of the underground cables over overhead transmission lines and how to lay underground cables. Underground cables give an appropriate solution for loss less power transmission.

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