Customizable Business Workflow System Project Synopsis


Workflows drive business productivity by automating and coordinating collaboration across people and systems. Business Workflow System is an extremely powerful tool that will quantify the gains in productivity.


Businesses in the modern world are constantly evolving to satisfy changing market demands and to maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals. In order to evolve more efficiently, businesses must employ internal processes that can be continuously monitored and improved. These processes must manage a business’ complete infrastructure including its employees, computer systems, assets, partners etc.

Large businesses generally have the ability of investing resources into developing and managing their business processes. This can include employing specialists to continuously develop the company’s infrastructure and manage its assets. Small to medium sized business generally only have time to operate their business let alone using resources to invest in self improvement

  • Utilize Business Process Management (BPM) to create, monitor and improve their internal processes.
  • Seamlessly integrate their processes with other organisations and business partners.
  • Manage their Business Intelligence Rules (BIR) to automate workflow.
  • Completely customize their organisational structure and define their business objects.

Eazy Manager can be used by any organization to manage their business processes by creating Business Workflow System.

The solution provided following features:

  • Web service that can be consumed by any organization, so that they can manage their UI as per their requirement
  • Workflow Engine where business processes of the organization can defined and scheduled for execution.
  • Workflow Engine can be defined with various Tasks that can be either manual or automatic.
  • Processes can be defined with complex Business expressions as per need for its flow and decision making.
  • Dynamic Report Generation through Jasper Reporting tool.
  • Dynamic Custom Business Objects creation so that organizations using solution can manage their Entities in their own way.
  • Organization can search for data as per their criteria.
  • Application considered TimeZone and Locale as Globalization support.

Technologies Used:

  • Operating System : Windows XP
  • Platform : Visual Studio .Net
  • Database : SQL Server
  • Languages : C#.Net

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