Insta Bank – Wireless Banking Project Synopsis

Many banks today want to provide the best services to retain their customers. Internet has been a lone solution for quite some time.  Today banks are looking forward to harness the potential of wireless technology to better connect with its customers and offer enhanced retail services.

What the banks require today is a facility to inform clients of events and to facilitate and quickly respond to client inquiries. Many banks are losing lots of their customers just because they cannot cater to their customers want of necessary information anywhere and anytime.

Also customers today are becoming more and more futuristic and would want information on various transactions and also be reminded about them almost as immediate as it happens.

In addition, banks are searching for a solution where customers don’t have to be online every time they make a transaction compared to internet banking. Getting necessary information on your mobile device at your request”.

Reach your customers the most cost effective and trendy way.  A Complete solution to communicate instantly, efficiently and cost effectively with individuals or groups, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile banking through SMS is today becoming not just a value add but a necessity when considering present banking scenarios.

For example, let us take into consideration of a person who is on

the move and requires some  immediate information on his bank account. With his mobile device he can just send a message and within few intervals of time he would receive the necessary information.

As per a recent survey: “In 2002,366 billion messages were exchanged world over, which included 5 billion from India”.

There is a huge list of mobile users, which only adds to the existing list of advantages.

The mobile SMS banking solution is an open frame, doesn’t need any major customization.

Get mobile with InstaBank.

Key Features:

InstaBank can be segregated into 2 categories:

Customer Related Transactions:

  • Cheque Status
  • PIN Change
  • Statements
  • Balance Enquiry

Automatic Alerts: 

  • Withdrawal Above Limit
  • Specific Withdrawal
  • Deposit Above Limit
  • Specific Deposit
  • Balance Below Limit
  • Cheque Book Issued
  • Day End Balance

Some of the added features are: 

Single and Group Text Messaging: Send messages to an individual or a group by selecting the concerned from the member list.

History Log: Administration of sent or received messages. The log of each day is stored in a separate file, thus making it very easy to check the history of messages.

Monitor existing database & Authentication:  Add, update or delete customer list from the already existing database and authentication till 3 levels.

Automated Alerts: Send automated alerts to one or many by setting the timer. A message is sent at the time that has been set. 

Reports: A feature has also been provided where a report carated on the messages sent depending on the date.

Benefits :

Customer retention: Build on existing customer relationships to improve productivity and maximize customer loyalty. Boost customer retention. Make sure your existing customers are satisfied. 

Easy and fast communication medium: The solution is easy to use and since customer communication is through SMS medium the message reaches the customer in a jiffy. 

Focus on core competencies: No more concerns about promoting your brand and in communicating with your customer. Focus on your core business activities and competition. 

Anytime, anywhere banking: Unlike other mediums of banking like emails or snail mail the sms banking media can be used anywhere and at anytime.

Reduced human errors: Since there is very little human interaction required, the Solution being automated even small human errors can be reduced.

Save costs on unnecessary phone calls: There is a huge reduction in the calls made to the bank or to customers since the customer inquiries are answered almost till the last level.

Technologies Used – Good understanding of Basic Java, Java SMS API (third party tool), Networking in Java, MS access, Any operating system.

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