Hospital Management System Project Documentation

Introduction to Hospital Management System Project:

Before designing any application it is very important to study the market this is also applicable if the application is already designed and when that needs to be modified. For the proposed system it is important to apply your ideas and also consider the existing system.

The present Hospital Management System is designed based on the customer reviews and ideas as this has to fit for both large and even to small size hospitals around the world.

Based on the requirement the features and modules must be built and this application is accepted in worldwide hospitals and the management is satisfied with the application.

The complete website is built on the 3 tier architecture by using the latest technologies the designing part is more user-friendly attractive. The database of this application is more expandable and this application is more customization for the clients.

The market research makes the application to be more user-friendly and the functionalists help to complete the work easily.

This application records everything right from the registration of the patient to what kind of problem they have and what kind of treatment they are suggesting and what test they have conduction on the patient what was the result what medicine’s they have to give and later what is the condition of the patient. Everything in detail will be available with this application.

Due to this reason Hospitals are showing interest in this application.

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This application can also be used in various departments of the hospital such as pathology, radiology, store inventory, HR, finance and Help Desk.

Now with the latest technologies Internet is used and also a picture of the patient is being taken with the support of the webcam.

This application records everything that every needs to be in the documentation for future use of the hospital and even for the patient. 

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