Seminar on Domain Name System

Introduction to Domain Name System Seminar:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of domain name system. Generally, usage of networks is growing day to day, these internet uses ip address. These IP addresses consists of numbers and there may be some problem in remembering these addresses. When internet usage was less then it was easy to solve this issue they have followed a technique by writing the host name and address in a file named hosts.txt.

But as there is vast growth in internet usage became more this type of approach was found to be not useful. Hence in order to avoid these problems, Domain name systems have been developed.

Brief into Domain Name System

Domain name system is generally defined as set of protocols and services on a particular network. By using this DNS protocol clients and servers can communicate with each other. A domain name space is created by all the domains stored in the database.  The domain names created should be unique because there is only unique IP address.

The full domain name is separated by dots . These databases are stored on the DNS servers which are managed by internet information center. Different zones are present such that it defines a group of domains.  A zone file is made and all the information about the node in domain is stored in this file. There are different domain names such as com, net, edu, gov, int ,org based on the types of organizations which use them for example com is used by commercial organizations . 

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