Electro Dynamic Suspension Electro Magnetic Suspension

The research paper Electro Dynamic Suspension Electro Magnetic Suspension speaks about Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) in which automobiles do not run over wheels/tyres but they surf over an electromagnetic wave. Maglev enabled automobiles run at a speed of 330 miles/hour. The research paper talks about two types of Magnetic Levitation.

1.      Electro Dynamic Suspension ( EDS)

2.      Electro Magnetic Suspension (EMS)

EDS is known as repulsive levitation and EMS is known as attractive levitation. The maglev enabled vehicles run over specific guideways although they can adapt themselves to respective topography. However the construction cost of such automobiles may definitely be on the higher side with respect to construction costs, electricity that is very efficiently stored in electromagnets, The magnetic levitation is a breakthrough research which will enable a train run over a electromagnetic track not touching it. Since commuting through air is not possible, magnetic levitation can give a very close traveling experience like that. A magnetic levitated train will run at a speed of 60 km per hour in simpler words a person aspiring to reach Delhi from Hyderabad will reach Delhi in flat 4 hours!

How Maglev works: In the EMS-attractive system, the electromagnets which do the work of levitation are attached on the top side of a casing that extends below and then curves back up to the rail that is in the center of the track. The rail, which is in the shape of an inverted T, is a ferromagnetic rail. When a current is passed through it, and the electromagnet switched on, there is attraction, and the levitation electromagnets, which are below the rail, raise up to meet the rail. The car levitates. The gap between the bottom of the vehicle and the rail is only 3/8″ and an electronic monitoring system, by controlling the amount of attractive force, must closely control the size of the gap. 

Conclusion: Although magnetic levitated vehicles are seeing the light of the day in other countries it might take some time for the concept to hit India.

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