Digital Signatures and Network Security MS Project

Study Area Review: Network security

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To develop an application that deals with the security threats that commonly occurs during the process of communication and data transfer across a network.
• To enable safe messaging communication without any threats from the intruders and unauthorized access.
• To deal with the areas of Authentication, Secrecy, Data integrity and Non-repudiation in the Network Security.

Deliverables: This application delivers the following
• Working model of data transfer with proper implementation of Digital signature
• Secured data transfer across the nodes with excellent authentication and security
• Proper documentation with constructive literature review

Project Type:

This is a java application, which majorly deals with the development of security features in network methodologies and thus, helps enhancing security features. This project is mainly intended to provide security at the time of data transfer.

Professional Project Claim

This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows

Software Requirements
Operating System : Windows XP
Data base sertver : Oracle 9i
Programming Language : Java
Frame work : Swing
Front-end : J2SDK 1.5
Documentation Tool : M.S. Word
Hardware Requirements
Computer : Assembled
Processor : Pentium 80386 microprocessor or higher
Main Memory : 128 MB or higher
Hard Disk : 4.3 GB or higher
Monitor : SVGA colour monitor 

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways

• For enabling the application to track timelines appropriate project plan is prepared
• To certify quality of document and literature review, standard templates are followed by me while developing documentation.
• To ensure quality of coding, java coding standards and other standards are followed strictly.
• Prototype software model is being developed for checking the reliability of the application.
• For developing quality service, multiple levels of testing will be done.

Research Methodology:

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are followed as a part of research methodology. Behavioural aspects of the application like secure data transfer and the influence of digital signatures are studied with the qualitative aspects. Application designing and the performance evaluation is done with the help of quantitative approach.

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