Channel estimation and prediction for Adaptive OFDMA links Project

Title: Channel estimation and prediction for Adaptive OFDMA links

Study Area Review: Advanced Wireless communication system

Aims: To develop a simulation model to for estimating the channel performance and prediction of OFDMA link.

Objectives: This simulation model has the following objectives

• To develop a simulation code developed in MATLAB to evaluate the complete functionality over multiple equations
• To evaluate the importance Adaptive OFDMA links

Following are few deliverables

• Working prototype of simulation code that can estimate the channel performance and adaptive constraints of OFDMA link
• Building a proper documentation with good literature review of OFDMA links
• MATLAB implementation of all the equations across the evaluation process

Project Type:

The channel estimation and prediction of adaptive OFDMA uplinks and downlinks based on with and without pilot arrangement are evaluated and compared. These are implemented using LSE, MMSE and NMSE techniques.
Parameters to be measured:
1. Bit error rate
2. signal to estimation error ratio 

Professional Project Claim

This project emphasises design and evaluates a computer-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows

MATLAB software to build the required simulation

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways
• All the coding standards and simulation standards of MATLAB
• Quality equations are derived using the MATLAB simulation
• Perfect project plan is being prepared, such that the entire deadlines are followed. 

Research Methodology:

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to evaluate the research methodology. Statistical data and simulation code is developed by following the quantitative methodology. Behavioural aspects of the OFDMA/TDMA uplink are estimated by qualitative methods.

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