Data Mining and Warehousing Engineering Presentation

Description: The following research paper Data Mining and Warehousing Engineering Presentation talks about Data Mining and Data Warehousing. Various techniques of the applications have been elucidated and explained in depth. The paper casts light on the ever expanding domain of Knowledge. With the advent of knowledge sharing of information and data have been witnessing an all time high. Expert scientists and research analysts predict that there is going to be information explosion like never before. Although the rise of information pertaining to almost all the industries of the world, be it agriculture, space research, pharmaceuticals or for that matter any other commercially engaged business is growing manifold, techniques to secure the information, channelize it into patterned formats and this predicting or forecasting future of businesses or research is not increasing at the same rate. There’s been a big gap between the data churned out and data processed in order to make it useful for quick decision making.

Although there are many strides made in the fields of data warehousing and mining yet there’s much more to do. Business Pundits and Research scholars predict a future in the domain of data warehousing that almost all the decision making goes online.

Data warehousing basically aims at flexibility and functioning of business analysis. It also aims at providing a strong and secure solution for enterprise related functions. Data warehousing believes in reinventing business processes for a better understanding, thus helping in better performance of the organization. If data warehousing facilitates analysis, data mining helps in placing data in understandable patterns. Both data mining and warehousing needs to go hand in hand, to support and enhance businesses.


The research paper concludes on a note that although much has been done and achieved in the fields of data warehousing and mining, much has to be achieved. Since knowledge is added almost every day thus increasing the competitive spirit and peer pressure, many more advantageous features need to be invented to make these above mentioned tools even more effective and viable.

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