A C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices Using Printer Port


The PC parallel port is a powerful platform, though inexpensive, for implementing projects dealing with the control of real-world peripherals. The hardware circuit developed can be used to control up to 255 electrical appliances using only 8 data output lines from the parallel port. Besides, the software program allows the users to know the current status of the devices. 

Project Implementation based on advantages: 

C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices is developed, the software program and the hardware circuit work interactively to generate appropriate signals to switch the connected devices ‘On’ or ‘Off’. As in the Interface to switch a device On/Off it is required to enter the valid values of bit number. 

The hardware works like an On-Off switch according to the signal from the parallel port of the computer. The project has some important applications such as; It can be used for domestic purposes (Offices, schools, hotels etc.). Although Traffic lights are microprocessor controlled, this project can also be employed for controlling the same. 

User Friendly – The project has simple and efficient interface so that a person having elementary knowledge about computers and only the introductory knowledge about the system can use it. Easy Handling – Once developed and put to work properly then no further maintenance is required. Machine Independent – The project is totally machine independent.

No special package or hardware is required. 


This project can be made wireless also. Transmitter and receiver can be used with sensors attached at the hardware box and also at the application devices so as to make the system wireless. When the system is ‘On’ the bytes are digitally modulated and then sent at infrared frequencies through transmitter antenna. The receiver at the application devices catches the signal sent by the transmitter antenna and then the signal is demodulated and after demodulation, the corresponding status is read and operation is performed.

download Project Report  of CSE C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices .

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