Cultural and Heritage Tourism MBA Study

Cultural and heritage tourism 

The heritage of a country is a main requirement for the country in order to improve the economy of the corresponding nation. Many nations have already promoted the uniqueness of the nation. Heritage is a feature which will effectively improves the performance of the tourism department. Cultural heritage will directly improve the global tourism department . 

The tourism department will consider the heritage of the country as the significant factor of the tourism development. This can be used as the major instrument in the maintenance of the national heritage. There are various benefits with tourism activities, these benefits are belongs to the cultural relationships. Here understanding the relationships are most considerable factors of improving the tourism development. The cultural tourism is the significant issue to be considered by the tourism department. 

But the tourism department is also considering the negative effects of the development activities. These are the activities that are performed by tourism department in order to improve the economy of tourism and also directly improve the national economy. According to the researcher named Robin Trotler, the heritage principles are provided as below. 

  • Direct tourism flow
  • Plan and attractive surroundings
  • Heritage of the country
  • Effective interpretation 

The international council in Melbourne has focused on the main factors such as heritage and tourism. Here the main factor that is to be considered is that heritage of a particular country. Tourism department is only the department that will perform many activities in order to improve the nation economy. 

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