CSE Seminar Topics 2010 Biometric World

This research paper CSE Seminar Topics 2010 Biometric World explains the various aspects of biometrics hence named BIOMETRIC WORLD.  A special focus is laid on Iris Recognition and Retina Scan. Even a particular emphasis is placed on the variations of Iris & Retinal Scanning. The biometric applications which well suit the market demands are stated and this proceeds with the predictions of future along with the present scenario.

Retinal Scan: The paper elucidates the nuances involved in retinal scan. The paper says that the retinal scan uses a low-intensity light source and a delicate sensor to scan the pattern of blood vessels at the back of the retina, a pattern unique to each individual. Retina scan devices read through the pupil which require the user to situate his/her eye within 1/2 inch of the capture device, and to hold still while the reader ascertains the patterns. The user looks at a rotating green light as the patterns of the retina are measured at over 400 points.

Advantages: This leads to a very high level off accuracy in comparison to most other biometrics.

Iris Scan: The research paper suggests that Iris identification technology is a tremendously accurate biometrics when compared to all the other biometrics. Iris recognition can account for the detection of papillary (pupil) changes; reflections from the cornea, detection of contact lenses on top of the cornea and use of infrared illumination to determine the state of the sample eye tissue.


The research paper concludes saying that there is a need for the invention of some of the biometric technologies which are inexpensive, user-friendly and which are of less cost and high accuracy. An organization may seek the help of feedbacks to understand what can be improved, to let them have the sorts of risks that are acceptable, and what has to been done to minimize the organization’s exposure to them. It’s important to build systems and networks in such a way that the user is not constantly reminded of the security system around him.

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