MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Infosys Company

According to Infosys (2012), Infosys Company is one of the biggest IT Company that is having its operations in major countries of the World. Infosys is a 30-year-old company, which includes different services like software technology services, technical consulting services, system integration services and infrastructure management services. Infosys is the huge company with wide range of software services in many countries. Even though it is having many international operations, it is still outsourcing some of its products and services to the global companies. There is a fact that not every company will be successful in all areas and the same situation happened in Infosys Company. It is facing failures in some areas and at this particular situation where the company is facing failure in the global market; Infosys is using global outsourcing process. Changes are the un-sudden aspects that take place in any company and within the process of global sourcing process; Infosys faced many problems related to change management. In general, there are two different types of problems such as internal change management problems and external change management problems. Infosys is facing internal change management problems like problems with employees and its global outsourced company employees and the external change management problems are global market competition, changing behavior of the customers, lack of global outsourcing experience etc.

Problem Definition

SWOT Analysis of Infosys

Strengths and weaknesses are the as the internal factors of Infosys and the strengths and weakness of Infosys are explained below.

 Internal Analysis-Strengths

Infosys is a huge organization with a wide range of national and international operations and its major competitive strength is most if its major business activities are processed in India, which is an economic indicator for IT Companies. Infosys has high financial standards when compared with other companies. Infosys has high experienced workforce for its IT services through which it is one of the leading IT service providers in the market.

Internal Analysis- Weaknesses

Infosys faces similar problems like lack of using appropriate strategies to perform global sourcing process in a successful manner. In general, there are different types of global outsourcing strategies like strategic alliance benefits, mutual profit shares, competitive reputation, global standards etc. Each strategy can be used to build strong relations between the actual companies and its global outsourcing company. Infosys has large number of employees for which it is spending huge funds on their employees that affects the financial standards of their company.

External Analysis-Opportunities

Infosys is offers a wide range of opportunities to its employees and it plays a key role in the employment sector of India. Infosys will always be ready to enter new markets even with strategic partners that give good benefits to third party companies. The products and services offered by Infosys are been implemented by considering innovative technology which always gives innovative products and services to the customers. After reviewing the opportunities, it is been noticed that Infosys gives many advantages to its employees, strategic partners and customers. Employees of Infosys are more especially benefited because Infosys Company is gives high priority to its employees and even supports them with required resources.

External Analysis- Threats

Infosys Company is facing tough competition in the global markets, especially in the US market. The US and Indian markets are huge markets with more number of competitors, especially Infosys Company is facing competition in India and US. The top companies like IBM, Dell, Wipro, Microsoft, Oracle and Cognizant etc. The market shares of Infosys are high because it has high market shares in and around 40 major countries either directly or through third party companies. Infosys has faced many problems related to finances because of the impact of recession on working projects. Lack of appropriate strategic alliance and global outsourcing third party companies which can offer efficient services to the customers on behalf of Infosys. 

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