Elastic Site Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources Abstract

Introduction to Elastic Site Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources:

The main objective of this paper is to develop a elastic site by using cloud computing. As usage of computers are increasing are day to day, users want the sites to be accessed fast and use all the resources. As a result cloud computing was developed. Cloud computing is generally defined as the use of multiple server computers via a digital network as if they were one computer.

The term Cloud defines virtualization of resources like networks, servers, applications, data storage. IaaS is one of the type of cloud computing. By using this, elastic site which can efficiently provide the services is developed. Services like batch schedulers, storage archives can be efficiently used.

Brief into Elastic site:

 According to the demand, to maintain security, privacy and logistical considerations a resource manager has been developed. The resource manager is built on nimbus to extend physical clusters. The clusters which are extended are placed into the cloud. The elastic site manager is used to communicate directly with local resource managers.

The process speed depends upon the cluster. If the cluster nodes which are placed into cloud are increased, then we can expect greater processing speed. We can increase the cluster speed upto 150EC2 nodes.


By using cloud computing we can extend the services which are used. We can access the content faster and we can use the content which is only required. It is more secure when compared to other techniques.

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