Wireless Vehicle Trace Using IF and IR Project Abstract

Wireless Vehicle trace using IF and IR projects main idea is to develop a application which uses wireless technology combined with IF and IR frequency to trace vehicle, Basically Infra Red is used for low distance communication like audio and video communication. And this works only for a shorter distance. This application works only at a shorter distance.           

            The vehicle takes the path change due to the obstacle in its path; this obstacle sensing is detected by using a IR sensor which gives the voltage depends on the distance of the obstacle. When ever the vehicle moves into the other direction the RF module (XBee transmitter) sends the signal to the receiver. 

                        The receiver sections are having an XBee module which receives the data from its own network id and send the data to the PC. The advantage of the project is that we can evaluate the vehicle path easily with out a human interface.

download Wireless Vehicle trace using IF and IR project Abstract .

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