CRM for Online Book Store Salesforce Project Analysis and Development

Executive Summary

In this Project on CRM, we will discuss the strategies that are useful for an online bookstore. Then we will discuss five of the journals from different personalities. In which we have to discuss the relationship capabilities and the related links. Then we will discuss how the internet is changing the way of purchasing books. We will also ponder upon the point and discuss the way for buying the book whether it is for reading purposes or for gifts.

So, accordingly, we will arrive at a particular result that will either support the point that customer relationship management is totally helpful in integrating the customer whether it is a small firm or a big firm or will deduce that CRM does not play a significant role in the establishment of any Ecommerce industry, let it be an online book store Project. Customer relationship management strategies are creating so much profit for the company as they are continuously interacting with their customers. By sending electronic emails and other surveys we can take feedback from our consumers or customers. These points will also be discussed in the report. The prototype for an online bookstore will also be made.


CRM is termed “Customer Relationship Management”. CRM is very important for starting any business model very efficiently whether it is an online bookstore. By using customer relationship management, we can make strategies for developing an online bookstore. So, when we are making a customer relationship management strategy, we have to focus on the needs of our clients or customers to make sure to complete their needs for books, etc.

A customer relationship management strategy will help to make a regular customer base for the increment in sales of the books and other products in the store, so they can increase their profits. Also, by using customer relationship management software, emails, and using social platforms to provide information to the customer so that they can at least visit or view the online store.

This way CRM is promoting the Online Bookstore. By promoting online, we can have more customers. So, more customers will give more profit. CRM using social platforms is also helping us to spread more information about online bookstores as compared to the normal ways, in other words, CRM is also advertising the bookstore online.

Online we can reach global customers so that they can also buy our products and this way we can have global customers. Customer Relationship Management will help in creating surveys to get more information about the customer’s supplies and needs. Also, customers can provide feedback about their experience of purchasing the product.

These types of surveys should be displayed on the store’s website or on its social media page so that the customers can see the reality. There is some customer relationship management software that can be used to manage the list of clients’ E-mails and other personal data that they insert during purchase.

This software can keep an eye on the success or failures of marketing campaigns of the company. Customer relationship management helps in reviewing the whole business plan and also CRM can give time-to-time statements for the monthly income. This will help in calculating the monthly expenses for the store.

Customer relationship management helps both the type of companies or firms whether it is small firm or big firm it helps to interact with the customers and build the company for the future so that it can run with a good base future.


Modeling of the Project

Findings and Discussion

Here in this report on ‘Customer relationship management for online book stores, we find that CRM strategies are very useful in approaching the customer. These strategies will make sure to complete the needs of consumers on time. So, it is used to interact with the customers.

Maintaining and handling consumers is one of the most reasons to use CRM strategies. We can handle consumers individually by keeping an eye on their needs by sending them emails. We can take a review system by taking feedback filled up by customers. Here I find that these CRM strategies are very useful in making a business model very successful. CRM strategies are formed in such a way that they are very approachable to the consumers and help in finding their needs and supplies. CRM for online bookstores will lead us to a new way of selling books and a new experience for the buyers also. We also discussed here promoting the book online.

This promotion can be done on the basis of some recommendations and using all the social media platforms. By using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. we can create a promotion campaign so that it can widely spread the information about the online bookstore. Another one is a recommendation which is just mouth publicity like talking about the books to our friends, family and relative, and other members so that they can at least approach the book. These all things will surely increase the profit percentage of the company.


A book is a bundle of pages that are bound together inside a cover so that we can change pages and go through them one by one. Here, their main aim is to identify the main factors which are influencing the purchase of fiction books. And we will test these factors when the book is purchased for personal use or gift purpose.

Fiction books are the most readable books in most countries. Customer relationship management helps in incrementing operational performance. Also increases the efficiency and profit percentage of the firm. Customer relationship management is helpful for both types of firms whether it is small firm or big firm.

In these both the firms. Customer relationship management strategies interact with the customer and take their feedback. So, customer relationship management strategies play a very important role in selling books from the store. Customer relationship management also gives monthly statements for the company. Customer relationship management helps in collecting the personal data of the consumers for future promotion of their products.

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