Wake Up Android Application

The main purpose of this Wake Up Android Application is to provide an advanced alarm for the users. It provides features like setting a basic alarm , destination alarm  and reminder alarms. Dismissing the alarms are through many features like voice-control, gestures like shaking, pinching etc,normal swiping and  tapping anywhere on the screen.

The default dismissing of alarm is by swiping while the other features can be selected according to user preferences.  Snoozing the alarm is by flipping the phone .

The destination alarm is an alarm that rings after reaching a destination which is done by syncing with Google maps. The remainder feature gives an alarm for all the details in your calendar like birthday dates, meeting timings etc.


This is an android application which consist of an alarm personalization menu where user needs to enter the details for setting the alarm. Once the alarm is set, it gets scheduled. The alarm can be stopped by swiping the screen, Gesture movements, voice control and by tapping anywhere on the screen.

For snooze option the phone can be flipped backwards.

This Wake Up Android application provides features like setting basic alarm, location based alarm which will give alarm alert when reached desired destination and also gives alarm notifications for the reminders set in the Calendar app for desired tasks.


This Wake Up Android project is developed to differentiate the Standard alarm application which we have in our mobiles where we find only stop and snooze operations.

Where as in the presently developed project they are advanced features for setting alarms and  also multiple features for turning off the alarm.

Set Alarm
Set Destination alarm
Sync calendar

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  1. I really liked this idea of alarm system.. I am going to try this fr my final year project. Thanks for the idea

  2. Nice idea. Thanks for this idea … please help me by sending the source code for this project . please help

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