E Campus Android Application

E_campus is an Android Application makes updates share easy. It often happens when HOD send any updates regarding the college to the students, but unable to find an appropriate way to do that. Information can be done by some other social network sites or by emails, but they are inefficient and time consuming. Since, this app is using internet they are fast and efficient.

By using this Instant College Updates Android Application you can get the instant updates/alerts to your mobile related to Notifications, Time Tables, Results, Placements, Academic Calendars, fests etc. same like SMS alerts service. Here you have the option to get the updates/alerts based upon the user selection of certain region & courses.

Existing System:

In this existing system in college, if principle or HOD need to update some imp notification to students. they are sending information through mail or by using any of online social network. there may be a choose that student may not check the mails


Inefficient and time consuming
No proper notification

Proposed system:

By using this E Campus app we can get instant college updates/alerts to your mobile related to notifications, Timetables, results, placements, Academics, fests etc.,


It provide updates of a specific Department.
Fast and efficient.
It is a dedicated application.
It gives higher flexibility to the admin group.


It is an application which provides instant updates.

Hardware Requirements:

1.Ram 2gb min
2.    500 gb hard disk
latest processor
latest android mobile

Software Requirements:

Oracle 10g
Apache tomcat 6.0
design v6
android sdk
java sdk

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  1. Is the project free and open source? If so….plz send me the proposal + source code to my email. Thanks in advance!!

  2. this project is intresting. I want the source code of this project. please send me the source code of this project.`

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