Biometrics Creating a Safer Workplace Seminar Report

Introduction to Biometrics Creating a Safer Workplace Seminar T0pic:

This paper is about Biometrics which is a Greek word where bios stand for life and metrics for the measure. It is an accurate method of authentication which verifies the person using physiological and biological traits for establishing identity.

It can be used in many applications related to many applications involving Internet banking, E-commerce applications and also network-related security settings. 

In the earlier days, various methods of authentication were done. Where firstly Chinese implemented biometrics in form of fingerprinting method and later they have identified people on basis of length of the fingers and even by the size of the skull. And again they have started analysis on fingerprinting itself. 

These methods of identifying people in the past had drawbacks even i.e. there can be people with the same kind of measurements. So these methods have to be revised for identifying real culprits hence biometrics has evolved. 

Biometrics is a pattern recognition system which ensures uniqueness in physiological patterns like voice recognition, facial geometry, fingerprint patterns and more. Each method has its own merits and demerits and Biometrics helps in internet security for improving the confidence of many users using e-commerce applications. 

A different kind of biometric systems includes Hand scans, Voice authentication system, Retina scans, Iris scans, and Facial scans. 

Biometrics implementation can be successful only if proper biometric is installed in the network depending on the security needed and also depending on the type of network and level of security different kinds of biometrics can be used. 

In this paper, there are various methods of authentication is discussed. And in detail description was given regarding Biometrics. Its advantages over other systems are given.

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