Blue Gene Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to Blue Gene Project:

These are special microcomputers that are used in the medical application. They are made up of RNA, DNA, and proteins. They can also perform mathematical calculations. They help the doctors to cure the damaged cells, disease or cancers cells. 

The first possibility of biocomputers is proposed by Dr. Leonard Adleman in 1994.

Bio cell has the capability to build its own. It has a very nice mechanism that if researchers want to could build such a biomolecule that could figure out each and every cell of the body leaving healthy cells. They also work in human kidney. In this case, computers have just transformed to a molecule, such that now it can be put millions of such computers into one drop of solution.

Now, the conventional computers are very difficult to solve the problems like the shortest path on the maps between many cities. But this problem was solved by DNA computer. They easily track the number of short operations. One simple problem can be solved by the 765 different software programs. 

Health experts generally use biological computers to determine the cellular activity and check which cellular activity is harmful or not. They construct molecule which is generally realization of mathematical components, it has the software, it has hardware and after computing result produces is another molecule.

For such device, Shapiro used four components of DNA named as A, C, G and T for encoding of zeroes and ones that create an input molecule. Then hardware starts working and the process will continue till the problem is solved.

Now a day’s competition over DNA computing has increased very much. It has very useful advantages. Now the treatment of selected cells are possible and doctor need not check the whole body they can focus on a single cell and carry out treatment.

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